Fraser School

At Fraser School, children of all abilities learn, play and grow, side by side. Our competent and caring staff, our classrooms, and our wonderful indoor and outdoor play facilities help create a fun, challenging, and safe environment. Fraser School is known for its inclusive environment, where children with typical needs (without disabilities) and children with special needs contribute to each other’s development in unique and life-changing ways.

Fraser School offers:

  • Infant and toddler childcare programs
  • Pre-school and kindergarten readiness programs
  • Extended-day childcare
  • Large indoor and outdoor playground facilities
  • Optional physical, occupational, speech-language, feeding, play and music therapies
  • Center-based respite care
  • Follow National Early Childhood Program Accreditation standards

Fraser School is located at 2400 W. 64th Street in Richfield.

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Success story

We're All Together

“It’s great that our kids are exposed to people that are not like them,” Andy said. “At Fraser, the message is that everybody’s different, and we’re all together. Fraser makes all children feel special everyday.”

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