Home and Community Supports

Fraser Home and Community Supports assists people with autism and other special needs of all ages with maintaining physical health, behavioral health, family well-being and increases independent living skills so that they can participate in the community.

Fraser staff members work with families to design custom-made programs based on each person's needs related to daily living, health, community involvement and behavior. These high-quality, specialized services allow people with special needs to stay in their own homes. Fraser can offer these services within 20 miles of Minneapolis.

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In-Home Family Support
Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)
Respite Care
Connect For Rec (Children)
Personal Support
Partnership Program


Success story

Support In The Home

"Pablo’s DSP comes on the weekends to give me a break. She works with him on developing his math and reading skills, and works with him on fine motor skills," Pablo's mother said. "Pablo often impresses people with what he can do."

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